Until when?

Human resilience has been put to the test of late. The pandemic brought on by the new coronavirus managed to rob the huaman  beings of their  huamity  and even  the lack of indignation  of  death. Losses became so common that people became cold, apathetic and almost mechanized from the ills of their peers. A demonstration that Humanity – despite being highly evolved in Science – is still far from reaching the necessary maturity to see in the other a brother, someone who deserves respect and solidarity. In this sense, we had a great opportunity to humanize ourselves, to learn that, together, we are stronger, even in the face of natural catastrophes, absolutely fortuitous to human action

However, cases spread throughout the world in which, as Rousseau already defined, “man is the wolf of man”, in such a way that, due to malice or hidden interests, those who should serve and protect end up doing radically the opposite . And so it happened with the young José Vandeílson Silvina de Souza, in the rural zone of Maranhão, Northeastern  in Brazil.

With Schizophrenia, the boy is totally dependent on the public health system to make his treatment feasible. Until he got his first appointment and started taking prophylactic measures to alleviate the pathology that affects him, he went through a real pilgrimage, until he got medical care in a location considerably far from his place of residence. An already unacceptable embarrassment, but one that the region’s residents see as something commonplace, given that this is the way in which the State treats its citizens.

And in this improvised way, the treatment of the boy was taken, whose humble family was still grateful that, in some way, there was treatment for the infant. Inoperative and neglectful institutions did not fulfill their mission of protecting the minor and demanding, even in court, the best treatment for the pathology that was claiming childhood and adolescence. The sense of humanity that emerged from the great doctor who cared about the boy’s well-being and gave him the remedies was lacking in the municipal  institutions bodies responsible for health, youth and, above all, in the Child’s  Protective Services, which had an institutional obligation to take the situation to the auspices of the Public Ministry

Only up to this point the case would be very serious, with steps to be taken. But its developments became dramatic. The doctor – a man of high morals – had fallen in the battle against the coronavirus. Precisely because he was exposed without the minimum sanitary conditions of safety, he ended up contracting Covid-19 and losing his life in mid-2020. And how would young José, who depended on this great health professional to provide him with the medication, be? He was, the youngest, left to his own devices. Delivered to the chaos of Maranhão, so to speak.

Without medication and without assistance, crises began to become recurrent in young José’s life. And the boy who used to arouse compassionate looks from neighbors and the community in general, became a problem. It is, by the way, how many mentally handicapped people are seen. Such an inconvenience. Fear and prejudice lead to a patient’s social isolation so great that it aggravates the clinical condition, making it increasingly difficult to return to normality. In this panorama, it constitutes a true spurious plot, with the objective of removing that person from society. And, with the boy José, that was exactly what happened, but with an unacceptable aggravation:  By the support, coordination and funding by the State.

The Child’s Protective Services of the Municipality of Alto Alegre of Maranhão, whose institutional duty would be to protect children and adolescents, enforcing the so celebrated ECA – Statute of the Child of Adolescents, did exactly the opposite. According to reports from the family and sources consulted by Portal V&L,  the  you man was having a crisis  due  to the lack of medication , the  tutelary counselors went to his residence, ordered the family members to leave the house and, by force, took the boy out of his home away

Almost a year later, no one in the family knows the boy’s whereabouts. A boy who became a man  far from home, because today José is already of age. A cruel, inadmissible trick, which triggers a truly marginal behavior of those who practiced it, contrary to the law and any minimal definition of humanity. The boy’s destiny, in the hands of God, in the family’s hope for a reunion. To the public power, the implacable Justice. In the meantime, all of us are left with the question that doesn’t want to be silenced: Until when?


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  1. We still waiting for justice the problem is that justice in Brazil is very hard and difficult to get it if you are not white rich, If you are poor, black, and suffer from a mental illness that makes it very hard to have justice. You have to beg for justice ,you have expoe your pain ,for the whole world to see and even that it is not garantee that you will have justice.


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