Accurate Information and truthful, approached with editorial ethics.

In order not to be just another vehicle for content, V&L Group was born exactly within the etymological study of the expression that names it for proposes. The axiological root of the famous tim-tim by timtim, Verbatim et Literatim presupposes the detailing of a subject in a profound way, taken in its smallest details. In this sense, a counterpoint is established with contemporary editorial mottos, which elect speed and quantity as their quality parameters.

Our motto is: Sapientia et Veritas: Erga Omnes.

The V&L Group comprises the Brazilian publisher Sapientia Produções, the content site Portal V&L and the television station TV Erga Omnes. It is chaired by the founder and executive editor, Prof. Dr. Marcelo Henrique (

Welcome! Enjoy!

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