Articulation in prose

Poem by Ivana, written for the Anti-Asylum Movement of Brazil


I arrived at ANEPS

Coming from Social Control, 

With the suitcase and full of utopia inside

Almost suffocated I found my equals 

And I enjoyed staying ANEPS is the place for the movements to hold hands and march to accompany

And not make the wheel turn Generates the dream of a new world we can all hope hoping is not waiting 

The business is to articulate 

With art and culture, for the spirit to cheer 

And if the sadness doesn’t go away

Popular Education arrives Hand in hand with the 29 PICS Because they can’t walk alone 

Since the world is a world together, they can alleviate physical and psychological suffering, control diseases, bring healing and commitment to the popular struggle. 

For land and water and against mud, fires and poison for everything you have to fight. 

For the territory of those who were before the heirs of slavery for everything you have to fight For housing, work and income and against all types of violence, you have to fight for everything. 

For Education, science and the vaccine against privatization and the kit for early treatment, you have to fight for everything. 

Against all kinds of oppression, intolerance, fundatalism and what feeds all these, this fascism has to end. 

The SUS is life is a Fundamental Human Right, wake up people to take care of what is yours, the crazy people have been on the streets for some time to fight. 

How are we going to make the insane asylums collapse? At the meeting in 2020

English version by Ana Medeiros

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