How Social Media Turned Prioritizing Mental HealthInto a Trap

a New York Times article. "Online fame can be taxing. For one new show, that’s a clever excuse to pay even more attention to a famous family."

Accurate Information and truthful, approached with editorial ethics.

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The Disciplinary Society and its Mechanisms for Controlling the Individual  According to Michel Foucault

"The essential idea that Foucault brings to us is that the new methods applied in hospitals and prisons were no longer aligned with the old concepts of the mystical structures of madness, nor with the simple notion of withdrawing from the social life of delinquents. What was now set for madness was the definition of the dialogue broken with the real (understood as what suited the State and Science, at its service) and the internal reorganization (moral reform) of the delinquent. Since the century. The eighteenth  century was the century of reason, insane was anyone who could no longer dialogue according to the structures of reason, and the criminal was anyone who dared to violate the structures of power based on reason."

La Sociedad Disciplinaria y sus Mecanismos de Control del Individuo en Michel Foucault

"La idea esencial que nos trae Foucault es que los nuevos métodos aplicados en hospitales y cárceles ya no estaban alineados con los viejos conceptos de las estructuras místicas de la locura, ni con la simple noción de retirarse de la vida social de los delincuentes. Lo que ahora estaba destinado a la locura era la definición del diálogo roto con lo real (entendido como lo que le convenía al Estado y la Ciencia, a su servicio) y la reorganización interna (reforma moral) del delincuente. Desde el siglo. El siglo XVIII fue el siglo de la razón, loco era todo aquel que ya no podía dialogar según las estructuras de la razón, y criminal era todo aquel que se atrevía a violar las estructuras de poder basadas en la razón."

Influenciador ou influenciado: onde está você?

"A definição da figura do influenciador digital (digital influencer) perpassa por variantes existentes entre os mesmos, pois ele pode estar em diferentes plataformas (tradicionais ou virtuais), tais como Televisão, Cinema, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, entre outras. Independente do ambiente de trabalho, os influenciadores são formadores de opinião e o fazem em virtude da origem que ostentam, seja por serem artistas, micro-influencer, podendo serem autônomos, ou representantes das marcas."

Fashion and Law Influencer: where are you?

"The definition of the figure of the digital influencer permeates existing variants among them, as it can be on different platforms (traditional or virtual), such as Television, Cinema, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, among others. Regardless of the work environment, influencers are opinion makers and they do so because of their origin, whether because they are artists, micro-influencers, and may be autonomous, or representatives of brands."